Environmental policy

Euraproin is a company whose activity focuses on the field of solving plastic problems, supplying products to facilitate recycling, to improve environmental management and health.

Euraproin’s environmental policy is inspired by the commitment to comply with all applicable regulations and other environmental requirements and by the continuous improvement of activities related to environmental protection and health prevention in terms of:

Prevention of risks both for the environment and for people’s health.

Reduction and control of emissions (air and water).

Optimization of the management of environmental resources.

At Euraproin we are involved in the environmental management of our clients, collaborating with them in the prevention of pollution, in the protection of the environment and in the prevention both in the Environmental field and in Environmental Health.

Likewise, Euraproin periodically raises environmental objectives along the following lines:

• Prioritize the best treatments for waste management (prioritizing valuation and recycling, whenever possible).

• To transparently inform our environment (clients, suppliers and public administrations) how much information may be required regarding the type of management carried out in order to favor the traceability and treatment of waste.

• Putting products and services on the market that manage to reconcile environmental solutions (both in terms of the environment and people’s health) with prevention at the lowest possible cost.

• Prioritize the water treatments that with the best performance suppose the least environmental impact.

Disseminate the environmental policy among its own staff and external stakeholders.

Train and educate the people of the organization and those who work on their behalf about the environmental aspects that their activity may generate, making them participate in their control and the environmental performance of all the company’s activities.

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* Euraproin is actively committed to the circular economy and the 2030 agenda.