Big bag sacks

Big bag sacks


Approved bag 95x95x187, 1250 kg.
Open upper jacket and discharge valve below.

Discover the many advantages that have made this packaging so popular for transport and storage.

What are they?
The FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) better known as sacks or big bag sacks or simply big bags. They are one of the most used means for the packaging, storage and transport of a multitude of bulk products.

In addition, they are used by companies in a large number of sectors for very different purposes. For example, by the construction sector they are used to collect waste and in the agri-food sector it is used to transport all kinds of cereals and nuts.

It is a type of flexible packaging in the shape of a large bag (big bag) that is made of a fabric with different wefts, made up of polypropylene threads.


One of the most important factors when choosing the optimal type of big bag is the properties of the product or material to be transported. The most widely used standard model is usually 90 cm x 90 cm at the base and 100 cm high. It is made of white polypropylene raffia and has 4 handles.

However, there are a large number of types of big bag on the market, the result of combining different measures, color, fabrics, maximum weight and, in addition, added elements that can be incorporated according to customer demands. For example, we can choose that the bottom (bottom of the big bag) is flat and closed or that it has a built-in discharge valve, to facilitate the emptying of the contents of the big bag. Regarding the mouth (upper part of the big bag) we can opt for it to be open, with a loading valve or with a closing sleeve with a tie, to ensure the load inside the big bag.

Finally, we can also incorporate a liner in the big bag, which is a cover that is placed inside the big bag to protect the merchandise from humidity, oxygen or sunlight.


  • Big bags have great advantages that make them one of the most common ways to pack and transport bulk products:
  • Being a stackable type of packaging, it saves space when storing or transporting them. When they are empty, they can be folded and the volume they occupy is minimal.
  • They are recyclable and biodegradable, so the environment is not negatively affected.
  • It is a very efficient packaging: Most of the current industrial machinery has adapted to these packaging, for this reason, they represent a saving of time and costs in the operations of filling and emptying the big bags.
  • They support weights of up to 2,000 kg

At Euraproin SL we offer you a wide variety of big bags and liners, both in standard and customized sizes according to your specific needs.

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