Perforated Stainless Sheet Metal

Perforated Stainless Sheet Metal

Perforated stainless steel sheet is used mainly in the industrial area due to its characteristics of rigidity, malleability, ease of forming, and does not suffer from oxidation. So it is ideal in the fishing, food, chemical industry and in extreme environments.

Main advantages of perforated stainless steel sheet:

  • Perforated metal is strong and resistant
  • Sound control
  • Air flow control
  • Aesthetic qualities
  • Structural strength

Perforated Metal: It is a perforated metal mesh that is commonly used from galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper, steel, aluminum, alloy steel, and Nickel steel.

The drilling diameter : from 0.3mm to 100mm and thickness can be 0.2-15mm.

In addition, the specific style is made according to the needs of the client.


0.0392230.5 - 3.0
0.590.89230.4 - 4.0
0.843400.5 - 1.5
0.51.4230.5 - 2.0
0.980.59350.5 - 2.0
0.110.59330.5 - 2.0
0.116400.5 - 3.0
0.110.89300.5 - 3.0
0.461.4350.5 - 3.0
0.899400.5 -3.0
1.40.89330.5 - 3.0
1.93.4400.5 - 3.0
2.415400.5 - 3.0
3.42.4510.9 - 4.0
3.42.8400.5 - 3.0


The different types of micro-perforated sheet have a great variety of applications in the decoration and display of products, ornamental applications ranging from chairs and office supplies, partitions, ventilation, windows or facades, lighting fixtures, even in the decoration of high-design buildings. ; the micro-perforated sheet adds a touch of distinction to any element or place.

The corrugated perforated sheet is an excellent decorative product that allows the passage of light, air, sound and provides visual protection. Which has advantages of easy fixing and an overlap that prevents the union of one block to another from being noticed.

It is a very versatile material and its applications are many and varied. It is in great demand in both the industrial and construction sectors, due to the fact that there are more and more uses that engineers, architects and designers give to perforated metal. Some uses are: grain dryers and classifiers, exterior and interior benches, air and oil filters, garden furniture, dust extractors, panels for false ceilings, screens for lighting, vents, among others.

The metal drilling process is carried out through the use of presses of different designs: turret press, sectional or presses that exert pressure by means of repetitive blows on punches that generate holes in the metal.

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