Twill Dutch Woven Mesh

Twill Dutch Woven Mesh

Twill Dutch Woven Mesh is similar to plain Dutch weave but uses a double layer of weft yarns woven as a twill pattern.

Twill dutch weave is very strong to withstand higher loads and finer openings than plain dutch weave mesh with controlled flow and is suitable where high pressure filtration is required.

The shapes and position of the openings aid in the retention of particles and increase the formation of the filter cake. Plain Dutch weave mesh is most often used to separate the high pressure filtration processor from other media. For example, in the space flight, oil, chemical industry, etc.

Dutch Weave Twill Dutch Woven Mesh is most often used in applications where heavy material filtration is required. Such as aerospace, chemical and petroleum industry, beer, machines, etc.

Each warp wire and each weft wire passes over and under the next two adjacent complementary wires. Same as in Square woven twill mesh but, with the difference that the warp wires have a larger diameter than weft wires. This allows for a greater number of meshes in the weft direction. This weave pattern allows the weft yarns to weave more densely, and much smaller opening sizes can be achieved without sacrificing the thickness of the fabric.


  • Opening “zero”
  • Light-proof fabric,
  • High strength due to tight cable position
  • Extremely low absolute degree of fineness (up to 5-6μm)
  • High filtration performance in case of low viscosity medium is the finest filtration in hydraulic systems.


TissueMeshWire diameter inchOpening inchOpen rateWeight (kg / inch2)

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