Is a metal fence a good security measure?

The metal fence is a very good option to close any space or enclosure as well as, it is an effective and cheap form of protection, which has become very…...

The metal fence is a very good option to close any space or enclosure as well, it is an effective and cheap form of protection, which has become very popular and has become the main resource for people who need a control of passage.

It is a protection and security system suitable for the zoning of any type of space or infrastructure (sports facilities, schools, industrial sites, homes, etc.).

A fence will always provide us security, but, in addition, there are different forms of security, citizen security and private security. When we talk about metal fences, we are talking about private security, this is an auxiliary or complementary security that not all citizens can enjoy because it includes high costs. But in the case of metal fences it is one of the most economical resources.

On the other hand, discretion is also part of a security measure. If the thief cannot see the house, premises or other, the probability of being robbed is reduced. Some thieves are investigating possible targets and at this point they may decide not to take an unknown risk to create difficulties.


When choosing the type of metal fence to use, several factors must be considered. One of the main tasks is the work to be done, which can be to protect the property or seek privacy, delimit plots or simply improve the aesthetics of the property.

You must be aware of the regulations issued by the competent authority of the area where the fence will be installed, there may be regulations through municipal regulations that determine certain aspects, such as height or color. Investigating in this area can avoid unnecessary fines and expenses, as the installation must be adjusted in accordance with current regulations.

Height and length are other factors that must be specified. Once determined, a budget must be defined, which must include the necessary tools and accessories for each linear meter, which must be multiplied by the total length.

Del mismo modo, también se debe considerar el material para ver si necesita mantenimiento, porque habrá personas que estén dispuestas a pintar o pintar la cerca, y también hay retoques regulares de los que no quieren preocuparse después de la instalación. Además, la valla elegida dependerá de si necesitas colocar un poste o utilizar una grapadora de vallas.

You should also consider whether the metal fence to be installed is rigid or flexible, the latter will adapt better to the surface to be installed. It is also necessary to determine if the type of terrain or soil surface to settle is flat, sloping or uneven.


Metal fences are much stronger than other types of fences, they are more durable and much more effective than those of other materials, if we talk about security. Metal fences are currently the most recommended. This is because they have flexibility and adaptability to respond to each of its uses. They come in highly durable and versatile designs, so they can be incorporated into a wide variety of structures, facilities, or the terrain you want to protect. Currently, metal fences are made of stainless material, which can improve long-term durability. They not only exist in private spaces, but also in public places such as parks, gardens, schools, nurseries, sports fields such as tennis courts and paddle tennis courts. There are many models, such as the removable and galvanized temporary mobile fence, and they can be of different types depending on the required specification.


The proper use of the fence depends on the use of a particular type of fence, so it is essential to consider its purpose: plot, farm, home, facilities, … On the other hand, some meshes can be more ductile than fences and They are often used to divide small areas. There are different types such as single twist welding, triple twist welding, and electric welding, all for different purposes. The latter two are commonly used as reinforcement for farms, construction and construction of barns, canals and livestock dumps. The difference is in the stiffness of the mesh, from which you can find the correct one. Metal fences are 100% safe and weather resistant, they are maintained over time, they are the best option at home, facilities, …


Metal fences are an important element of protection because they offer great privacy and security to your home

There is a great variety, there are fences with electro galvanized, simple torsion fences, fences with gate, …

  • Metal fences with simple twist mesh

This is the most traditional metal fence. It is made of galvanized steel in the shape of diamonds and is generally green galvanized or laminated in all types of environments, including private farms, sports facilities, public gardens, and more. With good results and very easy assembly, it can be placed on the ground with all the practical features. Find out here how to install it in just 5 steps.

  • Metal fences with triple twist mesh or chicken coop

This kind of metal fences are made of galvanized hexagonal steel. The screws provide flexibility and strength by forming three spiral regions that are interconnected and connected in opposite directions. The holes are smaller than a simple twist mesh, which is why we most commonly use them with small animals. It is also used to protect against falling rocks and debris.

  • Metal fences with electrowelded mesh.

This consists of thin steel bars that cross vertically and are connected by electric welding. A lightweight metal fence that is easy to handle and can be cut to any size. The holes can be of different sizes and the smaller holes are generally used for animal cages. It is also used as wall reinforcement and for other purposes.

  • Metal fences with knotted or livestock mesh

These metal fences are often used to demarcate large agricultural areas because they allow their strength, and in this way, small animals such as rabbits and rats, but not large predators, can pass.


  • Metal mesh enclosures

Fences with galvanized and plasticized wire mesh, single and triple helix fence for hunting and hatching.

  • Framed enclosures

Outdoor prefabricated fence panels: gardens, parks, buildings, neighboring communities.

  • Sheet metal enclosures

Galvanized corrugated iron enclosures for structure and high resistance roofs

  • Mobile fences

Mobile fence for use in construction sites, shows to contain the public or delimit an enclosure.

  • Interior and sliding doors

Fences with pass, folding and sliding gates made to measure for fences or plots.

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